According to the office of National Statistics, there are around 4 million Britons who work from home, including the many small business owners who have found this to be the best option for starting their business. Including those who have started a business with The Financial Management Centre (TFMC). 

TFMC is a franchise model providing a framework for qualified accountants to build their own business, with the flexibility of working from home initially. As multi-territory franchisee Martin Beckenham says, “TFMC is a good fit! It offered me the tools to set-up my own business, and the support as I work for myself and built-up my business.” 

But, as nearly all of our franchisees have discovered, their businesses grew to such an extent, they quickly out-grew their home office, and needed to find an alternative. TFMC is a scalable business model so your business has room to expand. 

By following the TFMC business guidelines, and with their support, as well as the support of the rest of the franchisee network, you have the freedom to start from home, thereby reducing any out-going costs from the outset. This has proven ideal for the TFMC network, allowing them to start their businesses quickly. As their business develops and when they are ready, almost every franchisee moves into an office of some sort. There isn’t the pressure for franchises to have to find and pay for an office location immediately.  

Being able to take advantage of this approach, with TFMC, our franchisees have gained the confidence to build their own successful business, based on the credibility of the brand. As multi-territory franchisee, Kass Verjee says, “I am very proud to be part of the TFMC network it gives me credibility, status, support and marketing strategy – I don’t know what more I could for!” 

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