Starting your own business can be daunting. At TFMC we recognise this and have built a fast start plan to get you confidently on your way.

Before you launch your TFMC business, our new franchisees are supported to create a pre-launch programme of business – your fast start plan. The plan gives you the ideas and resources to be confident with business planning, funding assistance, business skills development and marketing plan formulation. Cumulating with the organising of your opening event, as you launch your new business to your local community.

We give you full training on every aspect of running your TFMC business and our bespoke systems, ensuring you will have the edge over your competitors. The support doesn’t stop there. Our network of experienced franchisees is committed to supporting each other and making full use of our exclusive network of business partners and advisors.  You and your client can be assured of a consistently exceptional standard, regardless of your own personal skillset, based on our 50 years’ collective experience. 

If you’re feeling lost, being your own boss, we can provide you with a ‘network buddy.’ The TFMC network takes pride in being able to use its experience and common goals to lend an ear and to offer support to their network peers, especially newcomers.

We support your business growth. Once your business has launched and you are in a stable position to begin your business journey, we will continue to support you, helping you to create multiple streams of sustainable income.

If you are ready to put our start up and support plans into practice, let’s talk. Please visit our website, and book a call. One of our franchise team will be in touch, to talk through your opportunity with The Financial Management Centre