Case Studies

Tom is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Certified bookkeepers and has over 30 years of accountancy experience. From his centrally located office in Moreton, Wirral, Tom provides accountancy and bookkeeping services to various business sectors including car dealerships, construction, manufacturing, retail and telecommunication, to name a few. His office is growing and he now has an impressive portfolio which includes companies that have turnovers in excess of 2 million pounds.

Tom Cowley

Changes to the oil industry led to Changrez Khan taking voluntary redundancy. Making the decision to return to the UK, for the benefit of his, and his family’s futures, he discovered a golden opportunity with The Financial Management Centre.

“TFMC like to ensure you know about the whole spectrum of running your new business. The freedom is still there for you to choose which direction you will take your own business in. They give you the tools, and the freedom to discover how you want to build your business. They provide you with the choice of software and systems, identifying what you agree will work best for you and your business”

Changrez Khan

Helen Preece is CIMA qualified and currently operates the Haywards Heath and Brighton territories. Helen joined the network in 2009 opening the Haywards Heath office. At the end of 2014 Helen renewed her Franchise Agreement and then during the spring of 2015 decided to increase her business by acquiring the Brighton territory, which she opened on 1st June securing her first client that same day!

“Running any business is hard work but being part of the TFMC network means you are not on your own. As I have taken on more clients and developed my business I have been able to take on staff to help me as well as having the support of the other franchisees and Franchisor. I wouldn’t change my original decision to join The Financial Management and if you decide to join I am sure you will feel the same five years later.”

Helen Preece

Brian Johnstone established the Crawley franchise of The Financial Management Centre in 2012 and in November 2014 took over the Horsham franchise.

“I have found the support and use of a trusted brand has helped me open doors and give me access to resources that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I have found the business partners of the network very useful as they have also passed me a number of leads but also enable me to offer added value to my clients. It’s great to be able to pool ideas with other franchisees and to collectively share costs for things such as local marketing.”

Brian Johnstone

Now in his fourth year of trading, The Financial Management Centre has provided Martin with the perfect outlet for his financial skills.

“Being part of a franchise means you get a flying start with the business. You are buying into a known brand that is already established. You don’t have to build something from the ground up, which why so many start-up companies fail in their first few years of conception. They have the problem of making enough money to survive whilst looking for new customers all the time. It’s a question of manpower in many instances. With The Financial Management Centre you are supplied with contacts as part of the franchise. It means you already have one foot on the ladder to making it a success.”

Martin Beckenham

I joined TFMC in 2010 because I wanted to find a role that fitted in with my young children. I had initially found a part time job but it was both inflexible and poorly paid so I thought about starting up on my own.

“The support we receive from Stuart and the team is second to none and I couldn’t have grown my business without their support and advice.”

Lisa Ellis

Kass Verjee joined The Financial Management Centre in 2010 and runs the combined Farnborough and Farnham office, Kass is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a practising Certificate.

“I, personally, with my hand on my heart, can say that I am excited about The Financial Management Centre now, as the day I joined. This is all due to the motivation, assistance, support and encouragement that I am constantly being given by the Franchisor.”

Kass Verjee